Talking can break down all barriers

I agree with Ellaine Cameron manager of Relate Gloucester and Swindon, writing in Swindon Advertiser, that lack of communication is a prime cause of relationship breakdown. Important to break down the barriers. “Keep talking and keep listening”. Other common reasons are infidelity, strife involving extended family, delicate business of blending step families and task sharing. In […] Read more »

New Year relationship blues

New year is a time when many of us naturally assess how life is going and this includes in our relationships. Relationship counselling organisations and counsellors in private practice receive a higher number of calls at this time of the year. This might be because people are considering what they want from their relationship or […] Read more »

How do you feel about your – or someone else’s – behaviour? Permission to let go.

Let me give you some “Permission” You (or someone else) may have engaged in a not-OK behaviour but you (or someone else) are/is OK as a person. I believe that you (someone else) did the best you could have – as you saw it at the time – when everything was known and taken into account. Therefore […] Read more »

Where’s the summer?

Does the weather affect how we feel about ourselves or our relationships? It’s easy to “blame” what’s going on our there for how we think and feel but we have more control over mind than we believe. In fact one belief system – that of Buddhists – is that problems don’t exist outside our mind. […] Read more »

Autumn news

Now that the summer is over it’s back to work on those Changes. Updates: I resigned from my job in Contraception and Sexual Health nursing in June to enable to me to offer clients regular (same time and day) appointments. I’ve now completed my Relationship Counselling conversion course with Relate and continue to work towards […] Read more »