Hello world, apologies for not being blog literate (not knowing how to do blogs).

I made up an expression “therapy literate” (meaning not knowing how to speak or think therapy language and thus do therapy)  That is not knowing the world of therapy if you’ve not done a course or been around a friend who has done or been to therapy. Not really knowing what to express (I mean “expect” but Freudian slip as also not knowing what to say). Going along to see what happens. Wanting the experience to make you feel better. Having a particular reason for wanting counselling. I have experienced all these as well as being on the other side of therapy as the therapist. It’s not any better knowing what to expect as every therapist works differently. Sometimes therapy can be challenging – the therapist may have a different take on things from yours. This isn’t always comfortable but settles down. Your way of thinking is shifted and in time (not immediately) things will get better. May get better quickly. Depends on whether you are open to change. I think its different from say going shopping to buy a pair of shoes. Stating the obvious? I want shoes I get shoes (if I can afford them but thats a different story). In therapy sometimes you get something unexpected. The therapist might seem to be not focusing on your request directly but asking about your family or past or what is in your wider social circle. The “web and well”. As each can be influencial on your current thinking, feeling, behaviour and general muddle.