£40 per hour – please pay 3 days in advance of appointment to secure the appointment. Bank transfer details available on request.

 Verify my authenticity on UKATA website “Find a Practitioner”: scroll down until you find my name “Louise Lee” or go to page 9.

Payments per calendar month

This is cheaper:

  • £140 for 8pm and 6.45 appointments (Monday and Thursday)

  • £120 for the 5.30 appointment (Monday and Thursday)

  • Cost covers weekly therapy for 4 or 5 weeks in the month. Again best to pay in advance to secure the appointment.

In order for us to “bond”, I find weekly is best at first. However it is your choice.

  • Also can be for 2 months of fortnightly therapy.

You might decide to do this after a few weekly sessions.

Other benefits:

  • Maintains your slot and keeps us focussed.

Small print:

  • No refunds for cancellations but I’ll be as flexible as I can.

Concessions on Wednesday morning.

Income of less than £5000 per annum – £10 paid for in advance of the appointment