Talking can break down all barriers

I agree with Ellaine Cameron manager of Relate Gloucester and Swindon, writing in Swindon Advertiser, that lack of communication is a prime cause of relationship breakdown. Important to break down the barriers. “Keep talking and keep listening”. Other common reasons are infidelity, strife involving extended family, delicate business of blending step families and task sharing. In my own experience, as a relationship counsellor, conflict and difficulty in resolving issues is a common reason for relationship breakdown as well as relationship being one sided and couple not “playing” that is not enjoying being together. (Ideas from Transactional Analysis). Relationship and other counselling is a two way process. Equally shared between counsellor and client. It requires the client(s) to be engaged and committed. May involved doing some “homework”. As Elaine says, not to sit in a room with a counsellor and have the counsellor tell them what to do. (Same as being in a relationship really)

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